About Royal Pegasus

Mammad Huseynov

In 2008, Mammad Huseynov, the Azerbaijani businessman  purchased Brookhill Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Mr. and Mrs. Huseynov finalized the purchase of Brookhill Farm on  South Yarnallton Pike in early July, 2008 after making their debut of purchasing Don Gato a  sale-topping Storm Cat colt at the Keeneland April 2008 two-year-olds in training sale.

Huseynov now operates Royal Pegasus, a Thoroughbred breeding facility in Lexington, KY

The Huseynovs maintain a large breeding and racing operation in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan and is the head of the Royal Pegasus Azerbaijan formerly wellknown as Azerbaijan Jockey Club. 

Huseynov's primary business is real estate, but he has always loved horses and has owned many various breeds across the world including the ancient Akhal-Teke horse. While visiting Keeneland Race Course in 2004, Huseynov was taken by the beauty of the land and devotion to the thoroughbred.